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Read Holman, Public Lab Fellow

Read is a Fellow at Public Lab working on issues related to environmental lead exposure and lead poisoning prevention. He's working with both public health professionals and community scientists across the country to help grow our understanding of lead exposure risks within neighborhoods while cultivating multi-sector efforts to address the urgent problem.
Read is a social entrepreneur based in Oakland, California. Previously he spent time in the Obama Administration working on issues of tech, science, and public health. He had tenures at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation, HHS Office of the CTO, and the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy.
Read has a BS in Biology from Trinity University and an MPH from Boston University's School of Public Health. His favorite (nay, THE BEST) Ben & Jerry's flavor is Cherry Garcia (obviously).

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Notes from Tuesday’s frac sand call

by stevie 9 months ago | 6 | 207 views | 2

On Tuesday, September 11th, we held an open call in follow up to [previous discussions](https://p...

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Anyone working on environmental lead exposure / poisoning?

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Where can we share well water data?

stevie asked about 11 months ago


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What more data-layers can we show on map ?

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