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Water Monitoring Network

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" Really liked the tutorials! " | Read more » 2 months ago
" @edie_blues, looks like you have ticked most of the boxes. Thanks for letting me be part of the conversation. Looking forward to the roll-out. " | Read more » 5 months ago
" @edie_blues - Great work so far. I like @warren's idea about the interact zone being a set of buttons or something. It would be great if the ask..." | Read more » 6 months ago
"@edie_blues I like the design you posted on github more than the current design. Dividing the page into three columns utilizes the space better. ..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" There are lots of interesting things you can do, but you will need come collection surface. Would like to know the kinds of plants and their growi..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" @warren old post are very difficult to find. I wouldn't have even found Publiclab if there hadn't been a link in Cave Pearl, even though I was sea..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" I'm glad to see someone thinking about a better layout for the dashboard. I find it awkward. I like the features you put on the first mock up th..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" What kinds of things are you sampling for and how are you testing? " | Read more » 6 months ago
" This seem relevant this time of year... " | Read more » 6 months ago
" Interesting idea. certainly a good way to get buy in and to discover issues/ideas that may be buried. " | Read more » 6 months ago
" @EdMallon, thanks for the link. Dont know how I missed that one in my search. I'll definitely have some testing to do (as soon as break gets her..." | Read more » 6 months ago
" @EdMallon Glad to see more video links. The basic logger build videos you did were great. Really helped me. Thanks for continuing to share. " | Read more » 6 months ago
"I think that crossing the wires over the top makes it harder to see which pins are connected. It does save space, but as a teaching aid I think it..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"Looks like a much more user friendly landing page " | Read more » 7 months ago
"@warren - that looks great. Waiting on some 555 timers so I can try this out too. " | Read more » 7 months ago
"So, after reviewing my drawings I discovered I'd made a huge mistake on the cell constant (K) in the two post probe design. The cell I designed wo..." | Read more » 7 months ago
"Changing the frequency range would require either changing the duty cycle of the 555 or modulating the amplitude. I think the the probe (resistor)..." | Read more » 8 months ago
"Changing volume can be done by adding a potentiometer into the loop. Here is an easy description of how" | Read more » 8 months ago
"So, on paper these designs look like they will work. Next step will be to build one and see what happens when design meets the real world. Hoping..." | Read more » 8 months ago
"Clarifying - 1. Ideally Id like to upload daily. For some sites I will be able to connect to the web either through wifi or through cell service. ..." | Read more » 8 months ago
"Stevie, I'm working on a project where we need to monitor changes in water quality. I posted about it here I'm ge..." | Read more » 8 months ago
"Thanks Chris, We have multiple injection well sites in our county, and more in the works, so we are planning on covering a large area. We will be..." | Read more » 8 months ago


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