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"I did this! A friend and I spent 4 hours working through this to make a 6ft wingspan delta. In the end the kite flew! But a minute after launch the..." | Read more » 3 months ago
" I was thinking for that price I might be able to crack one open to harvest it for parts, or maybe hook up an arduino to the output somehow. BUT th..." | Read more » 3 months ago
" Have you done any test flights with some of the ~20$ anemometers you can find on Amazon to compare with the Kestrel? " | Read more » 3 months ago
" Looks like the link to Dan Kurahashi's 'Japanese Kites, Concepts and Construction' book is dead (archive.org) and I can't find a good link to it a..." | Read more » 3 months ago
" The answer is yes, now that I can edit the wiki. No idea if questions can be closed? " | Read more » 3 months ago


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