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Balloon & kite mapping were my gateway interests. I have worked with ArcGIS mostly and am working through open source tools.
In the past, I've worked on restoring streams, monitoring sagebrush habitat, collecting data around Lake Pontchartrain forests with Tottori University, & georeferencing historical imagery for a US Fish & Wildlife Service Salt Marsh Integrity Index pilot project.
I've lived around the Gulf Coast, West Coast, Williamette Valley, Southeast and New England feels like another home. However, Tennessee keeps pulling me.
I have lots of interests.

Cartography Primer - Pamet Marsh

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Infragram Tidepooling

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Infragram Panoramas on Picture Post

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Merrimack River Entrance Jetty Repair

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What could teenagers do to support Harvey response efforts?

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"Remote mapping support through Open Street Map (OSM) has my vote. Mapping buildings and roads after a disaster supports first responders on the gro..." | Read more » almost 2 years ago
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"I'm going to start small with 5-15 min/week. I'm interested in mapping and connecting current and existing citizen projects. @wvward on Github " | Read more » over 2 years ago
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"Same camera. Canon PowerShotSD4000 IS f/2 1/1250s Center Weighted Average Metering The Brooklyn shot you mentioned was resized to 2000x1500 pixels..." | Read more » about 6 years ago


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