Question: Spectral Workbench 1.0 seems much more stable than 2.0 and works well for the basic analysis I am trying to do, can I get access to 1.0 without being pushed to 2.0?

B-winters asked on December 13, 2018 19:02
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I need to have offline access to spectral workbench when in the Amazon rainforest this coming January. I am using a home-built 3D printed spectrometer with iPhone 6s as my detector. The 2.0 interface is very slow and glitchy. For example, it seems to always flip my images to place the blue line on the right even though they are collected with it on the left. If I try to pre-flip them and anticipate it re-flipping them, then the software doesn't flip them at all. I can't win. Also, the tools seem more reliable for calibration and using an old calibration on the 1.0 interface. In my admittedly limited use of the software, I would say 2.0 has been pushed out way too soon when 1.0 is much more functional. Am I missing something? Is there a way to have access to 1.0 interface without being pushed after every operation to the 2.0 interface?


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