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by Georgi | May 02, 2016 15:03 | #13061

Hi, Just wondering how it works (we wish to change the camera), does the software only expects raw data coming from the camera ? And what resolution does it require ? Also, what is the processing time for instance on the results? Can the software be run on linux?

And a last question, is there an auto-calibration included with the software (in case camera settings are changed), and does it required to feed the camera a blue/green/red pattern, and then (something else to cover for most of spectrum)/ do you offer a calibration kit? And do the results expect a bayer pre-processing or is it independent?

Thanks a lot, and it really looks like a great project.


Hi, Georgi - are you asking about Spectral Workbench? We expect JPG data, mostly -- you can read more in @stoft's notes about characteristics of the image data in terms of stability, etc.

The resolution is currently 640x480 but we're trying to increase it which shouldn't be too hard: https://github.com/publiclab/spectral-workbench/issues/104

There is auto-calibration, try calibrating on any given spectrum page, and it makes a best guess with the highest red/blue/green peak spacing ratio.

We separately record r/g/b data, as the Bayer filter separates, yes.


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@Georgi did you ever end up changing the camera? Can you tell us about your experience?? We are always open to improving our hardware and would love to hear your review of various cameras!

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