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by Meculus | February 18, 2020 15:19 | #22846

So I got the microscope plus kit and I tried to put it together. However, the camera lens is fused to the camera board, so I can't remove it. Is this supposed to happen, and if so, how do I get it to works as a microscope?


Can you share a picture of the camera? Sometimes the camera is set in the threads with a little bit of locktite or something that looks like melted black plastic (plastic on the outside is visible, locktite you probably won't see)-- if you see the plastic it can be easily removed/peeled off (you may want to carefully use an exacto blade to get it started) which will make it easier to get things started-- if it's got thread locker it usually just takes a hard twist, but you can use pliers to get a firmer grip/more leverage (you can also just skip to this step to break the plastic seal if you have one-- it should pop off pretty easily with a good turn).

If you're worried about damaging the camera while you work on loosening the lens, you can also unscrew the lens and lens mount from the board while you do this.

Hope this helps!

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Yup, that black stuff is a really low-temp adhesive-- like hot glue. It should snap off when you twist the lens, but if it's too difficult you can cut it with an exacto (just be careful not to poke yourself in the process).. you should be able to lift off enough of it to make turning easier. If you're still having trouble try using pliers to get a little extra leverage.

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