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Question:How do I start? i made the spectrometer 3.0. I do not see instructions? I had trouble getting my computer to use it as the camera. Is there any help available? Thanks.

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by RPiach | November 20, 2017 16:14 | #15206

I work in a botanical garden. My daughter wants to compare various light sources on plant growth for a science project.


Hi! There is a lot of support, Q&A, troubleshooting and activities at this page:


And for DIY spectrometry more broadly, here: https://publiclab.org/wiki/spectrometry

I had trouble getting my computer to use it as the camera. Is there any help available? Thanks.

There's some help here: There's some guidance and troubleshooting help here! https://publiclab.org/wiki/spectral-workbench-usage#Webcam+selection

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You can find instructions for getting started with assembly of the desktop unit here: https://publiclab.org/notes/abdul/10-13-2016/desktop-spectrometry-starter-kit-3-0-instructions .

The start page in Spectral Workbench (https://spectralworkbench.org/) will ask you to select your camera, but it may initially default to a built-in web cam or another camera you've connected to your computer, so you might want to double check your device settings to make sure that the spectrometer's camera is recognized and selected (keeping in mind that the spectrometer camera is connecting through the USB, and isn't the built-in web cam).

Once you've connected your camera, you can follow the calibration instructions here: You can also find a how-to about calibrating your camera with Spectral Workbench here: https://publiclab.org/notes/warren/09-01-2016/calibrating-your-spectrometer-in-spectral-workbench .

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