Question: Instruction videos don't work!

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aemilius89 asked on December 08, 2018 19:22
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All the instruction videos do not work. They give the error that the youtube account of the owner is gone.

Thus there are no instruction videos.

With kind regards,

Emiel de Jonge


Hi aemilius89 -- thanks for the heads up! We recently made some changes to our youtube account, so it looks like we may need to get back in there to update some links. Can you tell us which videos you were hoping to look at? We can try to get those links up asap.

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The following pages miss functional videos.

These are two pages that miss the videos. If I come accros more I will add them here.

With kind regards,

Emiel de Jonge

Thanks, Emiel- Thanks for the heads up, we'll try to get these fixed asap. And yes! If you find additional broken links please do share them. Much appreciated.

Thanks so much @aemilius89! We just finished updating the embedded videos you linked to, and have on more on the main page that will be taken care of shortly. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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