Question:How do you make results from environmental monitoring personally meaningful to people?

by bhamster | June 02, 2021 20:47 | #26774

This question has come up a couple times during our recent Open Calls (notes here) on organizing and advocacy.

The folx at @LESBreathe, for example, are starting a community-led air quality monitoring project that will generate data on particulate matter in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. At first, they will collect baseline data on air quality before a major construction project begins.

How can you make air quality results mean something to community members so that they will feel encouraged to take action?

Thanks for sharing any strategies that you've used or have experienced yourself!

Also, this relates to another separate question: How do you turn results about environmental pollution into personal actions that people can take?

These questions seem closely linked---wondering what things you can do in response to environmental data once you know its significance.


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