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Question:How severely has climate change and pollution affected Louisiana?

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by cummins_leila | March 05, 2021 20:58 | #25851

How severe has flooding due to climate change and pollution in lakes affected Louisiana lately? Since the state is already below sea level is it possible that the state may change shape or flood in the future?


@cummins_leila great question! You might appreciate this activity from Public Lab contributor @eustatic over at one of our partners (another non-profit) Healthy Gulf:

Last fall, Public Lab held our monthly interactive event, OpenHour, and we got to learn more about this project. You can watch the archived recording on our website here, scroll down to October 2020: https://publiclab.org/wiki/openhour-archive

More general information about Land Loss Lookout in Louisiana: https://www.healthygulf.org/blog/help-us-lookout-for-gulf-wetlands

Self-guided activity with a short introductory video: http://cartosco.pe/kioskProject.html#/hg_landloss

Let us know if you try it out!

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Only the some of the parts behind levees are below sea level, the rest of the state actually floats to some extent. Weird as that sounds.

This is the biggest plan to change the shape of Louisiana, rather than merely letting things drown.

But, yes, try out land loss lookout!


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