• Question: What is the scenario under which you would use an optical vs. a passive monitor to measure dust?

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    kgradow1 asked on October 01, 2017 13:09
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    Assuming that all conditions are perfect and you can get high-quality data from either one.

    Which one would I use...

    • If I live alongside a highway and want to know - generally - what's in the air?
    • If I live alongside the highway and want to know - specifically - when it's safe to go outside?
    • If I live near an industrial facility and want to record combustion particles at a particular time?
    • If I don't care about time and want to measure particle size and shape?


    Hi there! This wiki page has a lot of information on it about the differences between passive and optical particulate matter monitors. https://publiclab.org/wiki/pm-monitoring

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