Question: Is there a way to make a cheaper "UV Hound"?

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liz asked on October 24, 2019 19:03
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I'm posting on behalf of the amazing Houston organizer Bryan Parras, who shared some insights with me on the phone the other day.

In a settlement from a lawsuit against local industry, decorated Port Arthur environmental activist Hilton Kelly (a Goldman award winner) received 2 UV mass spectrometers, known as "UV Hound": . They each cost between 20K and 30K, and each can monitor abt 200'-500' of airspace.

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Bryan Parras mentioned that setting devices like this along the fenceline to catch any emissions leaving the industrial site and entering fenceline communities could be quite effective.

  • are any other devices that are cheaper and similar?
  • are any other groups are using these and, if so, what are their experiences?


Gwen Ottinger (who is a member of Public Lab's board of Directors) mentions the UV Hound in her book Refining Expertise: How Responsible Engineers Subvert Environmental Justice Challenges.. I've linked to the pages in Google Books if you want to see the relevant pages). She talks about it in relationship to the buckets used by the Bucket Brigade (her opinion on the buckets is quite favorable).

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oh ok! yes, in this section of the book, looks like Gwen is using a UV Hound that was in fact rented from Hilton Kelly's organization Community In-Power and Development Association. Can the world get any smaller...

Id love to hear of how the "hound" data has been used effectively in communities. After the data was collected, what did they do with it...Are there examples in Gwen's book?

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