Question:How can we make resources that are created by letting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without causing unnatural climate change?

by nsabido | March 09, 2021 16:03 | #25882

When humans burn fossil fuels to create gasoline, we are releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These greenhouse gases cause unnatural climate change.


One way is the so called "hydrogen" economy. You would use solar power to produce hydrogen by electrifying water. The hydrogen would then be stored in tanks and fed into fuel cells to produce power that would feed an electric car. Sounds good, but there are many problems with hydrogen storage, fuel cells, and all that stuff.

There are other variations- capture carbon dioxide in the air and use it to produce gasoline like substances. Gasoline is difficult. So alcohol is usually used, instead. There are many legal issues with this, also.

There are many other options, but this should get you started.

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