Question: Any pole photos of community gardens?

pataxte asked on November 14, 2018 21:05
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We have a book coming out (publisher in the UK,, title Food Gardens for a Changing World re science-based food gardening responding to environmental, climate, and social changes in ways consistent with values and shared hopes for the future. It would be great to have a pole-mapped photo of a community garden for the cover. If you have something and are interested in more details about the book please let me know. Thanks!


Hi @pataxte , have a look at and then please contact us about which photo you would like to use so we can also contact the original gardeners -- thank you!

Hi Liz--this is Daniela Soleri--thanks for the link! Not sure if this is where I respond to your message. I had looked at this photo once, hmmm, maybe. I need to check with my coauthors. The timeline is a bit tight--by 1st week of Dec, so while we are mulling perhaps you could ask the gardeners, or put me in touch to ask directly? I can send a synopsis, etc. Let me know. All the best, Daniela

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Hi @liz, any word from the garden people re use of the image? I'm also wondering if someone has a higher quality version - > 300dpi, and not pasted to a white background? I would also need input on how the garden (&PL?) want the caption to read. Thank you!!

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I also have some knocking around

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2 Answers

Hi! There should be a whole bunch here:

Cool! If any of those look interesting, please leave a comment on their posts to ask if they'd like to be included! Thanks!!!

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