Question: Where can you find historic flooding data?

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stevie asked on July 03, 2018 20:31
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I had someone ask me recently if there were any available source, maps, reports indicating the dates of flood incidents in New Orleans from May to October (2015 – 2018). Does anyone know where to look for historic flooding maps and/or data?


@sagarpreet, this might be interesting to add to if folks have some good data sources!

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For Surge data, you can SURGEDAT for the Whole Gulf of Mexico.

Ezra Boyd would have known the answer to this in detail, I do miss him.

For New Orleans, i think the sustainable cities data has the 10 yr rain flood...

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of course, FEMA has the HAZUS-MH

USGS has their estimation, based on photography (of course)

HUD map is based on NOAA data...

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