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Pole Mapping

<div class="alert">This page is under development, feel free to add!</div> _Lead image from Pole mapping is fun and easy to do! Perfect for small areas, like urban lots or gardens. You can be very creative about what to use for a pole and how to attach your camera. These people sure were! Materials used include PVC, carbon fiber (a 50' fishing pole), bamboo, and other unknowns! **** ## Materials for pole _Below: from [![IMG_2318.JPG](]( [notes:grid:activity:pole-mapping] **** Another pole developed by the Public Lab Gulf Coast Chapter, see @ddileona [post for design.]( [![20150314_160021.jpg](]( **** _Below: from [![bsj_129.JPG](]( *** _Below: from [![DSC_0044.JPG](]( **** ##How to attach a camera to a pole Pretty much any way you can! I prefer to use the standard soda bottle rig to protect the camera. You might also employ tape, string, or even a picavet made of bamboo! _Below: from [![DSC_0006.JPG](]( ##Pole Mapping Kits [![polesample1.png](]([![polesample2.png](]( If you end up purchasing one of the [Public Lab 11meter carbon fiber poles](, you can reference [Natalie](/profile/natalie)'s research note on assembling the camera mount [here]( ##Cool pole imagery Straight-down imagery is great for map-making. Oblique imagery is also cool! _Below: from <a href="" title="kailash ecovillage by mathew.lippincott, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="397" alt="kailash ecovillage"></a> Check out [Ecta64](/profile/Ecta64)'s [research note]( on using the Public Lab carp pole (coming soon to the store). ...

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