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Public Lab Basics

(this is a draft page, answers are being compiled/prototyped for now!) We hear these questions a lot, so we wanted to collect them together on one page! ## How do I join Public Lab? Everyone is welcome to reach out or participate in our network, and "joining" can start with [signing up on this website](/signup) and creating a profile, or [attending an event](/events). You can also [join a weekly open call](/opencall). [Read more]() ## Why ask questions on Public Lab? We're here to help connect you with the broad Public Lab network. Really - any question is welcome, from environmental issues to troubleshooting or finding collaborators. We'll help connect your question to other related topics. [Read more]() ## How do I do Public Lab stuff near me? Public Lab's strength comes from the thousands of people and communities we connect across the globe. Whether you're looking for local help, wanting to organize an event, or to join or share a project, start by looking for nearby people on PublicLab.org. [Read more and get started]() ## Who else is doing what I'm doing? We organize questions and information on this website using topic areas -- also known as tags. You can find others asking related questions or doing related work by [browsing the tag pages](/tags). [Read more]() ...

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