Basic Microscope Kit

The Basic Microscope Kit is an introductory Do-It-Yourself microscope made from affordable and easy to find parts. It's based on [the Hackteria microscope](, the OpenFlexure Microscope, and @maxliboiron's work at ( #13503 ), among other sources. (above image by @partsandcrafts) ## Goals This project was started as a collaboration between Public Lab and [Parts & Crafts]( The goals of the project are: 1. offer a very easy starting point for DIY microscopy 2. act as a stepping-stone to more advanced DIY microscopes 3. be as affordable and simple as possible while still providing great microscopic images 4. be good enough to view 2-5 micron size particles (see [sample images below](#Sample+images)) ##About the parts ### General parts list * a lens (objective) * a [Raspberry Pi](/tag/raspberry-pi) * a [Raspberry Pi camera](/pi-camera) * a light source * a rigid stage to connect these all together ###Example parts list for building a Basic Microscope: * [Raspberry Pi camera]( * [Raspberry Pi Zero W]( * [a micro SD card]( * [a USB light]( * [a lens (objective x40)]( * [a hackteria microscope stage]( (with modifications from Parts and Crafts!) * [a 3D printed objective adapter]( * the bolts to hold it together Extras to help you get started: * [Microscope slides]( * [A microscope stage calibration slide]( * [Microscope Immersion Oil]( * Rubberbands * A magnet **** ## Getting started Start with the [Overview activity, here](/notes/partsandcrafts/11-26-2017/building-a-raspberry-pi-microscope). Then see [the activities below](#Activities) for each step in detail. _Basic Prototyping Kit now available for sale in the [Public Lab store](!_ **** ## Questions [questions:basic-microscope] ![]( ## Activities [activities:basic-microscope] ## Challenges We're working to refine and improve DIY spectrometry on a number of fronts; here, take a look at the leading challenges we're hoping to solve, and post your own. For now, we're using the Q&A feature, so just click "Ask a question" to post your own challenge. [questions:basic-microscope-challenge] **** ## People Folks involved in getting this project started include: [people:group:partsandcrafts] **** ## Sample images [![](/system/images/photos/000/022/598/large/sample_1.jpg)](/system/images/photos/000/022/598/original/sample_1.jpg) [![](/system/images/photos/000/022/597/large/sample_3.jpg)](/system/images/photos/000/022/597/original/sample_3.jpg) ...

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