Community Microscope Kit

Using simple materials, we’ve developed a microscope kit you can build yourself - the result of many teams’ work coming together! Read more about the [Community Microscope here,]( If you're new to the Public Lab Community, sign up below to post questions, share research notes, and get updates. If you're already on Public Lab, use the button below to subscribe to all things #community-microscope Sign Up Follow **** ## Assembling Your Community Microscope #### 1. Get a Community Microscope You can find the materials needed to build a community microscope on the assembly pages below, or purchase one from the [Public Lab Store](! #### 2. Assemble the Microscope Base: For step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your microscope, [click here]( #### 3. Set Up Your Microscope [Click here]( for instructions to assemble the [Intro Kit]( [Click here]( for instructions to assemble the [Plus Kit]( [Click here]( for instructions to assemble the [Pi Kit]( [Click here]( for instructions to assemble the [Intro Kit]( as a **dissecting scope** for #microplastics. **** ## Activities There is so much that you can do with your microscope! Learn more about what the Public Lab Community is doing with their community microscopes below. [![Screen_Shot_2019-08-05_at_12.53.17_PM.png](/i/35134)](/i/35134?s=o) ### Using Your Microscope Check out these activities to get started using your microscope. [notes:activity:starter-community-microscope] Our community members have done even more cool stuff, [which you can see here]( ### Lesson Plans Public Lab tools, like the community microscope, can be used in educational settings. Educators at Public Lab have created these materials to get you started using the Community Microscope Kit. [You can learn more about Public Lab's Education initiative here.]( [notes:lesson-community-microscope] ### Workshops Science is better together! Here are some examples of how the community microscope has been used in a workshop setting. Check these out and share your own! [notes:workshop-community-microscope] **** ## Frequently Asked Questions Check out these questions and answer's from our community to get you started! [questions:FAQ-community-microscope] Want to see more questions from our community? [See more questions about the Community Microscope here]( **** ##Media [![sketch.jpg](/i/35133)](/i/35133?s=o) Looking for photos of the community microscope to share? [Visit this Wiki]( to see photos or share your own. ****...

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