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warren "Hi, Chris! Good questions on "which scientists" -- i got at this a bit in the talk itself, and your list is a good one. Doesn’t the real problem ..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
cfastie "You might want to specify which scientists you think should be making more contact with the public. Do you mean the scientists who have been accuse..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
warren "Interesting quote from this NYTimes article: Rather than marching on Washington and in other locations around the country, I suggest that my fello..." | Read more » almost 6 years ago
liz "Thanks for posting these speaking notes Jeff, very informative! " | Read more » about 6 years ago
eustatic "I suppose I am old school, and my job is to struggle to get more science and evidence into environmental decision making, but there are funding con..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
warren "I haven't read Collins, but I think the subject of how expertise could be reconfigured is very important, and have a few thoughts in response to yo..." | Read more » about 7 years ago
geraldmc "It’s important to specify whether the word science refers to the method of science or the current institutional practice of science. I think the t..." | Read more » about 7 years ago