Northeast US and Eastern Canada

This is a regional page for the Public Lab community in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, reaching from Washington DC to the Maritime Provinces. Join the mailing list--[publiclab-northeast](!forum/publiclab-northeast)--in the left sidebar. Also, look through the places listed below and see if your locality is already organizing locally. If so, join its local mailing list and subscribe to relevant tags on the website. ###Organizers in the Northeast Region 20 organizers + 4 additional non-profit arm representatives: * [Michelle Schmitt](/profile/manetomapping) (Philadelphia, PA) * [Yagiz Sutcu](/profile/ygzstc) (Arlington, MA) * [Katie Gradowski](/profile/kgradow1) (Somerville, MA) * [Catherine D'Ignazio](/profile/kanarinka) (Waltham, MA) * [Sean McGinnis](/profile/SeanKMcGinnis) (New Jersey) * [Bronwen Densmore](/profile/bronwen) (Brooklyn, NY) * [Nicholas Johnson](/profile/nicholas) (New York City) * [Philip Silva](/profile/p_silva_82) (Ithaca, New York City) * [Karen Vale](/profile/karenv) (Plymouth, MA) * [Will Ward](/profile/wward1400) (Boston area) * [Dana Bauer](/profile/geography76) (Philadelphia) * [Natasia Sidarta](/profile/natasia) (New York City) * [Oscar Brett](/profile/oscarbrett) (New York, New Orleans) * [Ned Horning](/profile/nedhorning) (Vermont) * [Chris Fastie](/profile/cfastie) (Middlebury, Vermont) * [Lela Prashad](/profile/lprashad) (New York City) * [Jen Hudon](/profile/hudonnoodles) (Greater Boston area) * [Sara Wylie](/profile/sara) (Boston) * [Stefan Unterhauser](/profile/nemo) (Somerville, MA) also on WebWG * [Don Blair](/profile/donblair) (Amherst, MA) also a [fellow](/wiki/open-water) * [Liz Barry](/profile/liz) (New York City) also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Jeff Warren](/profile/warren) (Somerville, MA) also on [staff](/wiki/plots-staff) * [Eymund Diegel](/profile/eymund): also formerly on the [Board](/wiki/board) **See for more information and a complete list** ###Emerging places in the Northeast Region **Discussing on the [publiclab-northeast mailing list](** * (by Ron Huber and many others) * (by Haripriya) * (by Benoit) ###Existing chapters in the Northeast Region **Discussing on the [plots-boston mailing list](!forum/plots-boston):** * * * * **Discussing on the [plots-providence mailing list](!forum/plots-providence):** * **Discussing on the [plots-nyc mailing list](!forum/plots-nyc):** * * * **Discussing on the [plots-philadelphia mailing list](!forum/plots-philadelphia):** * **Discussing on the [plots-baltimore-dc mailing list](!forum/plots-baltimore-dc)** * ###New Places * * (by liz) ...

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