The Sand Sentinel Program

The Sand Sentinel Program is aimed at creating an easier way for people to collect and file reports on suspected permit violations by frac sand mining companies. ###Background Due to its use in fracking, the [frac sand mining]( industry has been plaguing communities in western Wisconsin for many years. In September 2018, a number of people from around the Midwest who are fighting frac sand mining issues hosted check-in meetings on how things were going, sharing notes on some projects to date and ideas on pathways forward people were seeing that were new, or could use some more attention (see notes [here]( and [here]( The Sentinel Program, originally conceived of by @Pat was highlighted as an opportunity. ### Goals The goals of this project are to make frac sand mining industry violations easier for people to spot and understand, and to increase accountability and transparency in reporting. ##Video introducing this program: (link to video on [youtube]( Links shared in this video: - [WI DNR Reporting Form page online]( - [DNR Air Permit Search]( - [Wisconsin Public Health Department Search]( - [Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association local contacts]( _* note county Land and Water conservation groups mainly deal with water-related reporting around the frac sand mining sites_ - [Purple Air (local air monitoring) map for western WI]( ###Sentinel Materials The sentinel materials are available in print. Email to request your copy. The materials can also be [printed out from this page]( Materials can also be found online here: 1) [Frac Sand Mining Pollution Incident Report Form and Guide]( 2) [Observable air quality violations related to frac sand mining]( 3) [Observable water quality violations related to frac sand mining]( 4) [Observable transportation violations related to frac sand mining]( 5) [Local reporting on frac sand mining issues]( Materials to run a [training on the Sentinel Materials can be found here]( ### People who are involved - Pat Popple (@pat) for originating the project idea and mentoring, - Lemmy Kamau (@kamau19) for his work researching Wisconsin Policies related to frac sand mining, - Dwight Swenson (@dswenson) for [sharing reporting and affidavit materials](, - Avery Van Gaard for her work on the [Suspected Violations Information Form]( - The [Midwest Environmental Advocates]( for their review and materials on: [REPORTING CONCERNS AND POTENTIAL VIOLATIONS TO THE WDNR]( - Participants at the [Project Outreach event]( in Arcadia April 13th, 2019, - Professor Crispin Pierce (@crispinpierce) and his research team including Orion Allgaier (@OrionAllgaier), Connor Barns (@Cbarnes9), for their feedback on reporting monitoring notes, - @stevie, @joyofsoy and @warren at Public Lab, - And to others who contributed ideas, information, and editing, including Heather Anderson (@Wicca), Cheryl Miller, Mary Kenosian (@marlokeno), Forest Jahnke, Glory Adams (@gloryaec), Sheila Danielson, and more. ### Activities we've done in our project **2021** - Host an online training of [the Sentinel Program]( **2020** - CANCELED due to COVID: A second Sentinel Program training in Chippewa County, WI (March 2020) - Ran a larger print run of the folder materials - Finalized the draft reporting form materials **2019** - Hosted a [fellowship]( to sift through Wisconsin specific policies that could create observable permit violations, - Compiled a [draft reporting form]( with information on what could be collected to support people's observations, - [Collaborated with partners and residents]( around Wisconsin and other parts of the country, and - Created draft reporting form folder materials - Drafted training materials for sharing on how to use the folder - Piloted an in-person training, **2018** - Began project scoping - Collected materials people have used in the [past in filing suspected violations](, - Compiled a list of [violations that could be observable]( by people, - Collected resources on where materials can be reported to, ### Get involved or get updates Interested in getting involved or following along in the project? Subscribe to the tag below to get updates when we post new material and comment in to help! Subscribe to updates on this project **Updates Below:** [notes:sentinel] ### Questions [questions:sentinel] ...

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