**Advocacy means taking action to effect change in an issue that personally matters to you**. Advocacy makes up a large portion of activity undertaken in community science [projects](/projects). These projects often produce much-needed data about an environmental issue, and that data needs someone to speak for it [1] to different audiences: * Your neighbors * Elected representatives * The press * Regulatory agencies * In court This page is a place to collect and organize resources on advocacy. Visit the [advocacy tag page]( to see the latest community posts about advocacy on Public Lab, and get updates on this topic by following: Follow Advocacy Also visit related pages on **[organizing](**, **community science**, and **[law and policy](**. Sources: [1] @kgradow1’s [presentation about the bucket air monitor]( _Lead image: [Peter Blanchard](, [CC BY]( On this page you can: Learn about different advocacy methods and do or add an activity Join the conversation Ask a question, answer a question, or follow future questions on advocacy Post an issue brief that describes your advocacy work Read stories on community science advocacy Find further reading and resources on advocacy ## Advocacy methods **Within the five main types of advocacy efforts** (communicating with your neighbors, the press, elected representatives, regulators at government agencies, and through litigation in court), **here are some particular processes that projects may seek to generate or contribute to:** ### Connecting with peers * [Telling your story]( * Relationship building (see section on audiences, below) * [Awareness raising]( & education * [Community organizing]( * Mobilizing with those working on adjacent, interconnected issues ### Increasing your reach * [Getting media coverage]( * Nonviolent direct action ### Bumping it up a level * Power mapping to know where to focus your efforts * Pressuring elected officials to act on an issue * Making an issue a focus of an upcoming electoral campaign season ### Engaging with environmental governance processes and political realities * [Providing public input]( to established regulatory processes such as permitting for land uses that are continuing, changing, or new. * [Documenting exceedances]( or violations to trigger agency investigation, administrative action, and/or enforcement action * Identifying gaps in [regulatory coverage]( and designing new regulations * Providing political cover to regulators so they can stand up to corrupt political/economic influence (Example: showing proof of valid grounds to sue the government agency for not acting) * Litigation against government agencies for not meeting legal standards for environmental protection ### Interacting with more powerful corporate neighbors * Mediation with industry * [Litigation against industry]( Additional methods published on Public Lab and tagged with `advocacy` will appear on the advocacy methods page: ### More on the types of audiences projects may seek to reach _Image: from [this post]( by @a1ahna_ * Others who are affected * [Neighbors]( who are also constituents * Community leaders in churches, schools, civic associations, care businesses * Landowners making private land use decisions * [Elected representatives]( * Agency civil servants * Industry employees, management, ownership, or board of directors * Journalists * Environmental lawyers ## Activities Activities on Public Lab that have been tagged with `activity:advocacy` will appear here [notes:grid:activity:advocacy] ## Research notes You can find all research notes on Public Lab that have been tagged with `advocacy` here: ## Join the conversation ### Questions from the community + See if other community members are asking questions like yours + Ask a question so other community members can offer support + Sign up below to be notified when someone asks an advocacy-related question Questions tagged with `question:advocacy` will appear here [questions:advocacy] ### Post an Issue Brief Share information about a local environmental health concern and get support from the Public Lab community by writing and posting an Issue Brief. Visit “[Write an Issue Brief](” to find information on what an issue brief is, see examples, and learn how to write one. ## Stories in community science advocacy _Image: by @mlamadrid, from [this story]( about using balloon mapping to temporarily stall eviction proceedings in Kampala, Uganda_ + [Environmental & Public Health Advocacy Success Stories]( + [Stories from the Public Lab community]( + [Air monitoring bucket successes]( in South Durban and Sasolburg, South Africa, and in Tonawanda, New York ## Further reading and resources + [Beautiful Trouble]( ### Wikis on advocacy [wikis:advocacy] ...

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