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Ag8n "As a refresher, read USP 31, <1231>"Water for Pharmaceutical Purposes". This is available, for free, from Pharmacopeia online, as mentioned ..." | Read more » 1 day ago
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Ag8n "Error here. It should not be objective c, as noted above. It should be some plastics are showing higher extractables than bulk water. Something..." | Read more » 27 days ago
Ag8n "Getting a hold of the USP used to be difficult and expensive. While current USP may still be expensive, here is a source for older versions. "Pha..." | Read more » 27 days ago
Ag8n "USP/BP/EP means United States Pharmacopoeia,BP is British Pharmacopoeia, and EP is European Pharmacopoeia. Sections of the USP are divided into mo..." | Read more » 27 days ago
Ag8n "The CO2 produced can be measured several ways. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the final use of the instrument. For exa..." | Read more » 27 days ago
Ag8n "If you want an overview of TOC, Wikipedia is a good start. The current article seems pretty thorough ( dated 19 July 2022 by Any c..." | Read more » 27 days ago
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