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Welcome to the Hudson Valley's Public Lab regional hub located at the "node" ecological adaptive design and arts center/space in Beacon, NY. Our aim is to use empowering open source tools to increase transparency around ecological issues up and down the Hudson River Valley, and share our work with the greater community of people doing the "good work". We're looking to learn, and are open to collaborations and skillshares/workshops/etc. If you're in the Beacon area, stop by node -- a 50-acre mostly forested parcel of land at the base of Mt. Beacon, in Beacon (NY) tethered by railway to NYC, only an hour and a half away from Grand Central Station. We're excited to be part of this community, and are looking forward to contributing! [![Screen_Shot_2014-09-07_at_3.27.08_PM.png](]( [![1.png](]( [![5.png](]( [![4.png](]( [![3.png](]( [![6.png](](

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