The DOCumentation COMmitte helps to record and share the thoughts, ideas, and insights of the Barnraising with one another, rest of the the Public Lab community, and the rest of the world. To do this, we encourage one person at each session to take notes. If you're **taking notes at the Barnraising**, please drop them (or just take them directly) into one of these notes docs: ### Friday notes * Session 1, 10am: * Session 2: * Session 3: * Session 4: ### Saturday notes * Session 1: * Session 2: * Session 3: * Session 4: * Session 5: ### Sunday notes * Session 1: * Session 2: * Session 3: * Session 4: * Session 5: **Pro tip:** take notes in a separate doc on your computer, then paste them in here. **** ## Zine We're seeking submissions (session report backs, deep dives, lightning talk summaries, photos, opinions, etc) from the Texas Barnraising, for a print zine we're developing! Please use this button to post and help make this publication happen: Post a zine submission ### Submissions [notes:txbr-zine] **** ## The Barnraiser The Barnraiser is a 1-page daily "mini newspaper" we publish during the #Barnraising as part of the Documentation Committee (DocCom). [Read more here](/the-barnraiser) **** ## Questions [questions:doccom] **** Other notes (legacy doc): ...

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