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Climate change

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Through more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and rising global temperatures, climate change impacts the health of our communities in many ways [1]. Throughout Public Lab you’ll find tools and resources to research and monitor the effects of climate change on your local environment. From water quality to air quality to disaster response, many of the environmental issues addressed on Public Lab connect back to climate change and its impacts.

This page is a place to collect and organize resources on taking climate action through community science. Visit the climate change tag page to see the latest community posts about climate change on Public Lab, and click the button below to subscribe to climate-change and get updates on this topic.

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And regarding the local impacts of climate change, see community work on disaster response here: https://publiclab.org/tag/disaster-response

Sources: 1. Climate effects on health

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Share a local concern or issue related to climate change and get support from the Public Lab community by writing and posting an Issue Brief. Visit “Write an Issue Brief” to find information on what an issue brief is, see examples, and learn how to write one.

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Current methods related to climate change

Methods published on Public Lab and tagged with climate-change will appear on the climate change methods page.

Below you’ll find a collection of accessible ways to research the effects of climate change, gathered from across Public Lab and beyond.


Methods relevant to flooding, drinking water, stormwater

Stormwater #drinking-water

Methods for monitoring particulate matter, gases, indoor air

Land change

Mapping and imaging methods

Community organizing

Methods for advocacy


Do you have a tool or method to share? Start a method page and add the tag climate-change

Emerging methods and technologies related to climate change

Here we’ll describe new and developing approaches to researching climate change effects.

Please contribute your ideas here!

Research notes

Posts written by Public Lab community members and tagged with climate-change will appear here

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
Data Divide: Kathmandu Living Labs & OpenStreetMap @julia_e_masters about 5 hours ago 0
What are ways to identify pockets of heat/air pollution in a neighborhood? @julia_e_masters about 2 months ago 1
How To Become a Carbon Gardener @laurel_mire 2 months ago 0
Open Source Technology is Integral to Equitable and Innovative Climate Action @julia_e_masters about 2 months ago 0
Advocacy and Organizing Community Call @julia_e_masters 3 months ago 3
Tribal Intertidal Digital Ecological Surveys (TIDES) @RosaL 6 months ago 5
Infragram Pi Cameras and public installation: For the tool setup, can the camera can be connected to other devices like a tablet, to instantly view photos on a screen? @amocorro 6 months ago 0
Seeking support in having document translated or found, can you help? @amocorro 7 months ago 1
Does anybody know how to create a tide gauge or tide staff that students could use to monitor sea level? @ChristianWagley 9 months ago 1
How can we make resources that are created by letting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere without causing unnatural climate change? @nsabido 9 months ago 2
What are the best ways to preserve energy? @grace_williams 9 months ago 3
How severely has climate change and pollution affected Louisiana? @cummins_leila 9 months ago 2
Climate Change and Environmental Justice: How it impacts and continues to prove to be a disadvantage to the low income and minority population. @MyrnaRomo about 1 year ago 5
What does COVID-19 have to do with the climate and environmental crisis @shubham8705 over 1 year ago 2
Learning for Justice in a Climate Changing World @amocorro 10 months ago 2
Responding to Environmental Disasters-- Building a Kit @Bronwen about 2 years ago 1
How to Get Street Trees for your Community @WendyBrawer almost 2 years ago 0
Soil Testing at the Houston Barnraising @DanielleS about 2 years ago 2
The Importance of Community-based Responders @joyofsoy about 3 years ago 1
How to Get Excited About Climate Change Prep #climatechange #science #citizenscience @zengirl2 over 3 years ago 1
Washington is one of many paths to sustainability progress. Green buildings can help. @mlamadrid almost 4 years ago 0
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Projects related to climate change

Community stories and conversations

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Regulations, policy, and advocacy

Further reading and resources

Next step challenges