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On this page the German Public Lab Enthusiasts organize themselves.

Here you can find like-minded people and suggest ideas for joint projects, events, etc.

People who are involved

What are we working on now:

Event series: Basics of environmental citizen sciences in Schwerin (in planning)

  • Organizer: @niklasjordan
  • include developing a fine dust sensor with Arduino
  • Partnerships (in planning): BUND (environmental organization) & Hacklabor (local FabLab)

Project ideas

You have ideas for joint projects? Then write something here.

  • collecting microplastic with a DIY LADI trawler in diffrent lakes, because microplasty is not one of the criteria underpinning local authorities, and it is therefore not monitored in the long term. (by @niklasjordan)
  • What else?
  • ...

Log of German Public Lab community


Title Author Updated Likes
Which organizer can I contact if I want to start the first chapter in Germany? @niklasjordan about 1 year ago
MapKnitter map of TREM @LAVOSLAVA almost 2 years ago
Mapping rugged coastal environments with a Raspberry Pi and a balloon? @samwf almost 2 years ago
Balloon mapping images as a way to explain life in a refugee camp @Mustapha over 2 years ago
Browser-based Arduino sensor data transfer using WebRTC and headphone jack @rmeister about 3 years ago
Mapping Trees In Berlin @chmooze over 3 years ago
GSoC Proposal SpectralWorkbench @PascalW about 5 years ago , a low cost open source research vessel @Sebastian over 5 years ago


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