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Locked wiki pages have been made editable only by moderators and site admins; please email if you believe a page has been locked in error.

Additionally, pages can only be locked by moderators or admins. You can tell a page is locked by the lock icon which appears instead of the usual Edit button:


Locked pages

Here's a list of locked pages:

Title Updated Version Views
Conduct 2 days ago by Shannon 36 1
OpenHour 22 days ago by liz 700 26
Board of Directors about 1 month ago by Shannon 33 97
Donate about 2 months ago by Shannon 105 13
Mailing lists 5 months ago by liz 262 10
About Public Lab 6 months ago by Shannon 112 17
Media 7 months ago by Shannon 209 0
Public Lab Bibliography 11 months ago by Shannon 3 0
Welcome to Public Lab about 1 year ago by warren 107 23
Inactive Lists about 1 year ago by stevie 3 0
Giving Tuesday about 1 year ago by warren 8 1
Membership over 1 year ago by warren 5 2
Public Lab nonprofit values almost 2 years ago by Shannon 1 4

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