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Microplastic Collection in City Park waterways

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Our goal is to reduce plastic litter in the water around city park that is used by animals as their habitat and by people for outdoor acitivities.

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We plan on surveying the area around New Orlean's City Park> New Orleans has a diverse ecosystem with marshes and bayous. In City Park, there are roads and there is an interstate nearby. There are many bike paths, football and soccer fields where people congregate.

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We think it is important for people to realize the effect they have on the animals and plants in City Park. Not only does plastic litter make the park less beautiful, it breaks down and smalls animals can eat it and get sick.

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What are we working on now:

We have made baby legs and assembled a balloon mapping kit. We will go on the 13th to City Park and use canoes to get samples all around the water in City Park.
We will trawl the baby legs in the water for 5 minutes at a time. We will record the amount of material we collect. We will also pick up large plastic pieces and record those. We will use the balloon mapping kit to survey the area and use map knitting app to record the images.
We will post the data and findings when complete.


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[activities:ChipmunkCityParkProject community_science_-2-.pdf



Students surveyed the water outlined on the City Park map. They also took water samples around the banks of the water.

12 pounds of trash were collected. Water bottles, grocery bags, other forms of plastic and then non -plastic items consisted of beer cans, alcohol bottles and other litter. city_park_map2.PNG

Aerial view of surveyed area: