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Optical Monitoring of Particulate Matter

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The description of the operating principle can be misleading.

Optical particle measurements rely on intensity of scattering rather than "amount of time that light is scattered" The scientific name for that is "Mie scattering" and there have been many instruments over the years that leverage that process to estimate the mass of particles in a volume of air see here for the TSI DusTrak measurement principle that is the older version of the "research grade" optical particle monitor (for particle mass!) The newer version of the DusTrak use "single pulse analysis" to gain insights on how many particles are there and mixing BOTH data (intensity of scattering and number of particles) the newer instruments estimate size distributions see here for details

I wasn't sure about editing the page itself or how to start a discussion about this topic. Happy to move this discussion to the "talk" part and then edit the main text once we've agreed on it.

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Ah, great clarification! Please go ahead and edit --- and/or if you like we could try to post a question specifically about this and compile answers on that page. Whatever you like -- i'm mostly trying to make this a bit more readable; any help appreciated!

Thanks @guolivar!

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