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Barnraising 2013

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Conference Dates: October 4-6, 2013

Travel Details: Free shuttle from MSY on Thursday PM & Monday AM

Location: LUMCON, a research station on the Gulf Coast in Cocodrie, Lousiana

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What is a Public Lab barn raising? This is the closest thing we have to a Public Lab conference -- but with an emphasis on "doing stuff together" rather than just presenting/talking. In the spirit of bringing a community together to collectively raise a structure such as a barn, Public Lab comes together to develop tools, toolkits, supporting materials such as guides and tutorials, test the tools and develop new research directions and projects. Participants represent a wide range of interests from technologists and designers to social scientists and community organizers.

2013 Theme: Education: There are many different ways the theme of education could apply to Public Lab work, from the idea of getting a body of people to become experts on a technique, to the potential for growing our community via education channels, like in classrooms. Our community has been asking questions internally like "how do you evaluate educational work beyond the success/failure of using new tools, meaning in terms of implementing ideas and awareness to civic science and open technology?" What questions come up in your work? What sessions would you like to see?

Join the Barn Raising mailing list:

RSVP for the barn raising here. (link:

A human contact if you have logistical questions: Liz Barry (336-269-1539) or liz[@]; Shannon Dosemagen (504.239.4642) or shannon[@]; and Becki Chall, becki[@]


Canoe time at the 2012 Barnraising (photo by Pat Coyle)

Planning Committees

Foodcom Jeff + [?]

Beercom Jeff + [?] (unwinding, downtime)

Gearcom + [?] (organizing what equipment needs to be brought)

Doccom Liz + [?] (tweeting, documenting, reporting out to the online audience as things happen)

Media sharing Lots of people will be taking photos, shared articles/readings, etc. Let's aggregate them here, just edit this page and paste in the link below! Flickr tags: "publiclaboratory" and "barnraising2013". Please remember to share as Creative Commons Attribution at least. We can also host large amounts of files, just contact


Travelcom Becki head organizer, Jeff will be a driver, Shannon will be a driver + [?] If you'll be needing a ride to / from the airport, or from New Orleans to Cocodrie (or even just to give us a heads up as to your details), there will be a document here that you can fill out.

Schedulecom Liz + [?] We will be filling this in together, stay tuned on the Barnraising mailing list


LUMCON, who are so generous to host us, has an online handbook for visitors. Check it out:

Lodging Options The majority of people will be staying at the LUMCON facilities which has male and female dorms. They are $20 per night. If you are not comfortable spending the night in a dorm, the closest marina/lodge is TradeWinds: If you are coming with a group of friends, there are also a number of "camp" options (which means large houses with enough sleeping room for 8+). There are also a number of lodging options in Houma (which is a bit of a distance away) and a couple of options in Chauvin.

Scenes from the 2012 Barnraising

Video produced by Caterina Scaramelli (12 minutes of pure Barnraising gold)


Kickoff at the schedule grid! (photo by Don Blair)


A late-night session on Barnstars! (photo by Don Blair)

Oscar Brett

Information on the 2011 and 2012 barnraising