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Draft Feature

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This page is intended to help people getting familiar with the draft feature so that they can save their research notes as a draft and can complete them at their own convenience.

How to create a Draft Research Note?

On left to the button, there is a checkbox present, which is required to be checked by a user, a notice in the red text would appear like draft_interface.png

This is just a warning that user wants to save his work as a draft. After checking on the "Save as Draft" checkbox, button would be changed to , another step verifying that user is on right direction. Finally, to save a draft, just click on save button and draft is saved!

How to verify that a research note is saved as a draft?

  1. At the top of the Research Note, the user will able to see this warning notice.png

  2. User will also see a label Draft below the title of the research note.

How could a user access his Draft?

A Draft could be seen by a user on his dashboard, it would look something like this draft_show.png

The user would be able to see his draft on his profile too -- this is in progress.

Who all would be able to see a Draft?

  1. Author of the Draft

  2. Moderator

  3. Admin

  4. Co-author of the draft (if any)

How a user can Publish his Draft?

The warning at the top of the page carries a "Publish Draft" button, by pressing which an author can publish his draft. notice.png

Who could create a Draft note?

A Draft note can be created by all the users who have published at least one research note in the past. So, a newcomer is not allowed to save his draft.