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This is a planning page for the various kits we're developing. We will be offering free online plans for all of them, but are also interested in selling the materials, since some are only available in bulk.

For the balloon mapping kit, we're considering offering a low-cost version and a higher-priced, but identical one. Those with the money to spare, who are interested in supporting further research at Public Laboratory, can purchase the more expensive one.

The Balloon Kit

  • $11.89 - Kite reel
  • $10 - 3000' string
  • $2.99 - mylar sleeping bags
  • $3.49 - rubber bands
  • $0.50 swivels
  • $6.92 - gloves (optional?)

Total price at cost: ~$35 + shipping

(planning google-doc here)

So, I propose:

Base price: ~$50 "Sponsor" price: ~$100