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Our collaboration with Make Magazine hits news stands late September 2019!

In October, we'll be walking through the assembly and use of some Public Lab kits live over video.

Live builds are currently scheduled for:

October 3, 6 pm ET (other time zones) Build a Community Microscope-- using a webcam and a few pieces of hardware, make a microscope that will allow you to get a closer look at your environment!

October 5, 3 pm ET (other time zones) BabyLegs Trawl-- learn how to make a trawl so that you can collect samples from your local waterways! Look for microplastics, algae, organisms and more!

October 9, 6 pm ET (other time zones) It's two for one! We'll be demonstrating the Coqui-- a DIY conductivity sensor, and a DIY particulate sensor for studying air quality.

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