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Public Lab organizers are community members who are leaders in the Public Lab community, and have an interest in the way our community collaborates and grows. Typically but not exclusively, these are people who are both key organizers in their local communities as well as key contributors to the broader Public Lab community through work on things such as the website and communications. Organizers often host events or moderate discussion lists, and help shepherd the Public Lab community in other ways. The organizers list is always expanding; anyone can be nominated or nominate themselves, see below for how to join.

Currently there are 75 organizers from 12 countries:

Resources for organizers

The Public Lab organizers group serves to connect organizers with each other and enable collaboration on overarching initiatives and other topics related to broad Public Lab community development rather than simply research (which is discussed on the main Public Lab list). Organizers communicate on a google group and through open weekly calls to collaborate with each other and the non-profit. Organizers are able to add events to the /events calendar and access resources such as printed materials, event support and project support.

How to join

Before you apply:

The organizer's group runs on a nomination process (follow the steps below to apply to the group). Nominations require that two organizers second your application. In this process, organizers look for:

  • your involvement in Public Lab online or in person,
  • your individual contributions to the community (ie: working on the wiki, facilitating a local group on Public Lab projects, answering people on the discussion lists etc.)
  • that you embrace Public Lab's work and exploration, and
  • that you will contribute to the activity and diversity of the organizer's group.

How to apply

  • Make sure that your profile page is filled out with with a bio, ideally highlighting your interests and work in the Public Lab community.
  • Email your profile link to, including: your request to be nominated, a few words on how the Public Lab's methods and tools contributed to your work and explorations, and links to one or more research notes you've created.
  • You will either be contacted by an existing organizer to followup or you may simply receive a "Welcome to the organizers list" email.

The Organizer's Handbook

The Organizer's Handbook includes resources, benefits, and responsibilities of being a Public Lab organizer.

Active Members

*Jackie James-Creedon (Tonawanda, NY) * Eymund Diegel (Brooklyn, NY) * Leslie Birch (Philadelphia, PA) * Mary Kenosian (Eau Claire, WI) * Patrick Hixenbaugh (Rockville, MD) * Sara Sage (Los Angeles, CA) * Klie Kliebert (New Orleans, LA) * Shan He (Guangzhou, China) * Laura Chipley (New York, NY) * Claudia Martinez Mansell (LA & Bourj Al Shamali, Lebanon) * Pat Popple (Chippewa Falls, WI) * Maria del Carmen Lamadrid (Los Angeles, CA) * Nick Shapiro (Philadelphia, PA) * Gretchen Gehrke (Durham, NC) * Ann Chen (Alberta, Canada) * VJ pixel (Brazil) * Benjamin Sugar (Atlanta, GA) * Stevie Lewis (New Orleans, LA) * Jack Summers (Cullowhee, NC) * Katie Gradowski (Somerville, MA) * Catherine D'Ignazio (Waltham, MA) * Bronwen Densmore (Brooklyn, NY) * Willie Shubert (Washington, DC) * Nicholas Johnson (New York City) * Dana Bauer (Philadelphia) * Becki Chall (Portland, OR) * Dan Beavers (Mississippi) * Pablo Rey (Bilbao, Spain) * Sylvia Broude (Boston) * Hagit Keysar (Jerusalem) * Cindy Regalado (London) * Ricardo Abad (Mato Grosso Brasil) * Juan Pablo Torrente (Asturias / León, Spain) * Ned Horning (Vermont) * Scott Eustis (New Orleans) * Chris Fastie (Middlebury, Vermont) * Gabriel Jaime Vanegas (Bogota, Colombia) * Jessi Breen (Lexington, KY) * Pat Coyle (Livermore, CA) * Ives Rocha (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) * Anita Chan (Lima, Peru and Champaign-Urbana, IL) * Jen Hudon (Greater Boston area) * Shannon Dosemagen (New Orleans) * Sara Wylie (Boston) * Mathew Lippincott (Portland, OR) * Liz Barry (New York City) * Jeff Warren (Somerville, MA)

Inactive Members

The organizers group recognizes that, at times, the responsibilities of being a Public Lab organizer fall behind other demands. Organizers can, at any point, define their status as active or inactive as their commitments and activity in the group changes.

Past Nominations

To view old nominations in full, see


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