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Refinery Watching

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What we want to do

We are setting up 24/7 observation stations to monitor refinerys. This is a pilot program for a DIY observation station that is cheap, easy to construct, reasonably reliable, and produces usable data.


  • The first location is on a covered porch so it is protected from the weather and does not have to look thru a window. Power is readily available. Internet is not available since there is no phone line to the structure. Cell coverage is good.

  • The second location will be inside looking thru a window at one flare.

Equipment List

We would like you to help with an equipment list, sources, and prices. The first scenario should take more equipment while the second should be a subset of the first.

  • WIFI cell hot spot It should have WiFi and an e-net port. AT&T is about $50/month with 1 yr contract.
  • RaspberryPI Processor for the data capture and transmission. Are there real security concerns connecting this to the Internet?
  • PIcam
  • Low resolution thermal imaging sensor and interface I am thinking of the 16 pixel MEMS device. This could be used to determine when to take a picture/spectrum along with general temperature measurements.
  • Two spectrometers There are 2 flares visible from the location.
  • Particle sensor A port of the DustDuino to RPi?
  • USB powered hub RPi has low power on the USB port.

The following can probably be lumped together.

  • misc. cables
  • power supplies
  • misc. mounting hardware: a desk vise ($27)
  • web Storage
  • software

Questions and next steps

What do we need to do next?

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