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The Barnraiser

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The Barnraiser is a 1-page daily "newspaper" we're publishing during the PL Barnraising as part of the Documentation Committee (DocCom).

We see it as a lighthearted (but hard-hitting journalistic) way to summarize and share in a succinct, low-burden, but regular way, what's going on at our busiest and most productive event of the year!

Appalachia Barnraiser



Email and/or to join the Barnraiser's "staff"! Despite limited page space, we're happy for any help we can get!

We're specifically looking for:

  • reporters to cover Barnraising events, sessions, and culture
  • photographers to get great front-page images
  • editors to help polish/trim/layout the final paper
  • publishers to get up early to print & distribute


We'll use the talk page of this wiki page as a (chaotic) staging area to collect material and links over the course of each day. Please dump content there with your name -- and/or just take paper notes and come to the editorial meeting at the end of the day!


Past issues


2 issues: The_Barnraiser_2016_v2i1.pdf

Working images from 2015 can be found here

Issue 1: Friday Nov 19

PDF: barnraiser-2015-11-19.pdf


Issue 2: Saturday Nov 20

PDF: The_Barnraiser--Saturday__Nov_20.pdf


Issue 3: Sunday Nov 21

PDF: The_Barnraiser--Sunday__Nov_21.pdf





We do a paper-based layout, as shown above, on a poster!

2015 Logos, graphics: barnraiser.svg and barnraiser.png