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Taking samples is a key technique in environmental monitoring. Sample collection, when done well, can be cheap, numerous samples can be taken, and many people can participate in sample collection.

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Types of sampling

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Ask and answer general questions about sampling:

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What is the best way to take a sample of snow to look for particulates? @stevie almost 4 years ago 3
Oil Chemistry of Keystone Leak @kayaerbil almost 4 years ago 5
How do I choose between different types of air canisters for grab sampling? @stevie about 4 years ago 0
When is it better to do grab sampling versus other types of monitoring? @stevie about 4 years ago 2
Where can you purchase a bucket for air grab sampling? @stevie about 4 years ago 5
What methods are available for doing air grab samples for hydrogen sulfide? @stevie about 4 years ago 2
Where can someone send a strange substance found on their property for analysis? @bbutler about 4 years ago 10
How much do different oil pollution tests cost? @warren about 4 years ago 1
What are soil sampling protocols being used by groups along the gulf coast? @stevie about 4 years ago 5

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