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[Sean McGinnis](/profile/SeanKMcGinnis) is New Jersey's main Public Lab organizer. Current projects include infrared imaging with the Green Community Garden, part of the Adopt-A-Lot program of the City of Newark's Office of Sustainability. Read more on the [Newark page]( We've also spoken with some environmental organizations in [Camden, NJ](/wiki/camden), near [Philly](/wiki/philadelphia). An early regional project was Grassroots Newark, organized by [Jen Hudon](/profile/Hudonnoodles) in 2011, which focused on development and community issues on both sides of the Passaic River: ###Project Partners [SciStarter]( [STEMCivics High School]( [Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf]( [New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection]( [New Jersey Office of GIS]( ...

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Crisis Convening
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Gardening Toolkit Case Study


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Newark, NJ
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New Jersey


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Five Borough Farm
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Kingsland Park


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Grassroots Newark
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