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Water quality

Rivers, oceans, lakes, aquifers, groundwater, stormwater, urban canals, underground streams, estuaries, and more -- we are passionate about water quality! This page will help you find resources to explore the waterbodies you care about, and connect with other people who have the same interests: ### Questions on Water Quality: [questions:water-quality] **** ## Monitoring * [Water sampling](/water-sampling) * [Water sensors](/water-sensors) * Posts on #water-monitoring * Posts on #water-testing * Posts on #reagents ## Water quality parameters Read about different water quality parameters here, including pH, nitrogen, conductivity, temperature, ORP and turbidity: * https://publiclab.org/common-water-contaminants Also see this overview of 7 ways to monitorn water quality: * https://publiclab.org/notes/anngneal/12-08-2017/7-ways-to-measure-monitor-and-evaluate-water-quality ## Groups and projects working on water quality issues: [wikis:project:water-quality] **** ## Water quality related pages [wikis:parent:water-quality] **** ## Activities [activities:water-quality]...

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